Website Content Management (CMS)

We can integrate or build a CMS for any website, allowing you to take control of your content. Stop paying maintenance fees with a CMS as your web solution.

Content Management Systems (CMS) allow you to regularly update your own website from anywhere, anytime. You have the ability to add documents, images, text, links, videos, audio, podcasts and more with ease all through a single administrative panel.

Your admin panel will be password protected for you and your staff. Furthermore, we provide over the phone or in person assistance in training you with your new CMS website. Save time and money for each update you wish to make to your website and have total control over your content.

What Are The Advantages of CMS?

The main advantage is that you have full control over your website. In addition, by frequently updating your website on the fly with new information you can improve your websites search engine ranking. New and fresh content on a website helps ensure that your website gets recognized by search engines and index your site content more often. This leads to a higher organic page ranking and overall higher position in the search engines. Along with that comes your prospects and customers who will return time and time again to see if your website has been recently updated.

We offer a variety of plans depending on what sort of content you will need to regularly update. Get in touch with us today and allow us to tailor your needs into the best package to suit your business.

What Extra Skills Will I Need?

If you can use Microsoft Word or basic computer programs then you can update your website on the fly. From custom content management systems to more simplistic ones such as WordPress or Joomla – We can integrate the right CMS for your needs.

Each content management system solution has easy to use administrative panels where you can login and simply – click, type, and publish on the fly. Even novice computer users can pick it up in a matter of minutes with our over the phone or “virtual” assistance. It’s all web-based with secure login facilities for you and your staff members to have your own username and passwords.