Website Maintenance Services

Our team of experienced webmasters make changes to your website when you request them. Monthly or pay-as-you-go maintenance plans, keeps your website up to date, secure, and monitored at a fraction of the cost. It’s the ideal service for small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and corporations.

Website maintenance allows a business to constantly stay updated online, and free of technical issues, rather than treating a website only as an information portal. A website can be so much more, and with the right maintenance tools and team behind you; you can grow your exposure, lead generation, and brand awareness 24 hours a day – each and every day without growing stale, out of date, or losing your professional edge.

Our website maintenance service is easy to use. Simply email the changes and they will be promptly completed within 24-48 hours (or less). You will get a report of what changes we done with links showing where you can see them.

  • Provide regular updates beyond maintenance.
  • Clean up and maintain websites that Daniel Schafer did not create.
  • Perform platform patches and upgrades for you for systems like WordPress and Joomla.
  • Re-size and optimize images for your website or apply special treatments like rounded corners.

Website Maintenance Pricing

One block is equal to an hour of work. Any unused Maintenance Blocks will be kept in your account for a maximum of 24 months (2 years). After that time, they will expire. A single block could contain the following example website changes:

  • Receiving changes and opening site files
  • Updating and formatting images on 2-3 pages
  • Transferring updates to your website
  • Testing the updates on all major browsers
Maintenance Block Rate (As of 6/1/15 and subject to change at any time)
Initial Consultation FREE, up to 1 hour
One (1) Block $35.00
Two (2) Blocks $50.00
Three (3) Blocks $70.00
Four (4) Blocks $90.00
Five (5) Blocks $110.00
Six (6) Blocks $130.00
More than 6 Blocks Contact us or call (760) 283-0997